One Room, Five Different Window Treatments!

Welcome to an adventure in choosing window coverings. Today we are looking at a house that has five different window types. It will be fun showing how we choose the coverings. It did get busy today. We helped everybody, we got great the reviews and we’ll get more reviews on Yelp. Customer service is excellent and we’re very proud.
Welcome to another escapade, We’re here in Claremont today. And we have our gang with us, this beautiful home behind us here. Part of the plan is to coordinate with the colors used already, especially the colors in the bedding. They used subtle colors in the bamboo sheets and duvet, that we want to pick up. We plan on doing several windows and we’re going to have this house wholly altered today. So follow us in, we’re going to go ahead and get started. Steve: Good morning. Good morning sweetheart. How are you? Don’t worry about anything. We’ll take care of everything there is. So I’m in the living room now and my scheme is to dress up the whole living room, dining area neighborhood. There are five windows around us that we’re working with today.

The windows on my right are arch windows. I’m planning on keeping the archway appear and there’s a lot of sunbathe that comes through these windows, my scheme is to keep the heat out as well as the sunbathe and shield the furniture. My scheme is to just dress the place up and truly demonstrate it that wow appear. That’s my plan for this responsibility. This room has two or more windows all in a very confined neighborhood. So I chose to go ahead and do different designings for different windows, but all with the same fabrics.

This operates really well when you have a lot of windows and you don’t want to have the same blueprint over and over again. I have also preferred our Leo crystal holdbacks. These crystals are some of the finest crystals that we offer. It’s our light colorado topaz. And our client did not want too much crystal, but we wanted to add a little Wow into the area and so I recommended  these crystal holdbacks simply to be placed on the sides. Steve: The project turned out really really stunning. I can say that this is one of our better undertakings that we have done. As far as the color choices and the specifics. The area has been improved even having five different windows in the area, we were able to do five different designtreatments. And they all work together. I’m very pleased with the way the job turned out. For those of you who are interested in doing business with us, You’re welcome to visit our website or you can call us immediately. We’ll gladly come over to your place and do all the work for you. And don’t forget we dress windows , not just cover them up . bamboo sheets

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Choosing Wall Paint Colors

How to Select Wall Paint Colors. Learn to blend an evocative imagination with good color appreciation to pick the best colors for your walls and feel good about your living quarters. You will need knowledge about the paint for each room and post it on a poster board.timber.

Step 1. Think about the service and demeanor of each of the rooms . If considering a  bedroom, think soft, cool colors. If for a kitchen, think social gatherings and cooking events and opt for bold, energetic colors. Natural light will emphasize  luminous, bright  colors, while fluorescent lighting will cause  colors to darken. Incandescent lighting will warm most colors. Step  2. Consider the room’s length. Darker colors make rooms and openings seem smaller, while lighter colors make them appear bigger. Step 3. Consider the room’s height. Where painting a ceiling grey will increase the height, making it appear   open and airy. A darker ceiling will bring the ceiling down, making the chamber experience cozier and smaller. Step 4. Experiment with the shade you want to use by covering a small area, an area between the rooms, or even a piece of cardboard- place the cardboard against a wall to see how it seems. Step 5. Use variants of the same shade throughout the various rooms to provide poise and contrast, exploiting primary and secondary colors or merging with grey to shade it.

Step 6. Use different color amounts, different shades to establish a varied selection of colors and shades, include mid-tones  with darker tints, and dark tints combined with pale colors. Did you know? Brain research confirms that color has a psychological affect on the brain, and is often a factor in the design of colleges and work  rooms. Use this to enhance your living quarters and make them interesting and fun to live in.

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About Buying Antique Bedroom Furniture

So you’re looking for an antique bedroom set. And you’re not quite sure what to get. I’m Barry Kennedy and I’m here at Patsy and Pals Antique Mall. Plenty of people have a fallacy when they say I’m looking for antique furniture. They think they can get stuff that’s just mahogany, it has that antique glaze. You got  to make sure if you are looking for an antique piece of furniture, that you go in looking for something that is, well, over a hundred years old. That’s what an antique is, it has to be over a hundred years old. And if that’s the appearance that you’re looking for, that’s great. But you got to understand. The antique furniture from…, the antique furniture is well established but you got to make sure that if you want a king sized couch, you’re not moving to get a king sized couch when it is necessary to get antique furniture. You’re not even going to get a queen sized couch to match that bedroom set because they only established fullsize and twins back when they were putting together complete bedroom furniture.

So if you go into a home and think oh that’s a nice mahogany antique, don’t be surprised, it’s probably from the nineteen-twenties to the nineteen-forties, if it’s mahogany. Mahogany is a very popular bedroom look and so is oak. But if you’re still looking for that appearance, you might have to match it and piece it together because antique furniture or bedroom sets might have been split up. You know, a dresser might have gonee to one part of the family, a couch went to the other family, the wash stand might have went to another set of the family, so it’s going to be hard to go in and find one complete antique set of bedroom furniture if that’s what you’re looking for.

You might have to go to different stores and different antique sites and an antique mall is a good place to go because you have sixty or seventy different marketers that are dealing in antique parts, so you might be able to piece together an antique bedroom to be prepared by moving into each individual booth and stores and do that. But to find a complete set and they might say yes this is an antique given, but look at the dovetails and see if they’re machine established,’ cause it’s probably again from the twenties and forties. So have a good time looking for that bedroom set, make sure it’s the one that you want. I’m Blake Kennedy, thank you very much.

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To Feng Shui Your Bedroom, Use Interior Design

So feng shui in your bedroom actually has a lot more than you would think. You want it to be romantic. If you want significant other or if you’re in a relationship, or you just want prospective relationships, so a couple of things that you wish to just pay attention to. One is that you really never want to put your couch underneath a window, because in feng shui it’s believed that the romance hovers out the window and it’s kind of like a big vacuum above you. If you do hang a crystal. The crystal always offsets the bad energy that you have there.

Another thing for bedrooms is you really never want to use garish colors. You want something actually light and airy. Down to your artwork, you really don’t want artwork that announces separation. Two’s are important.So in your artwork mix assured that you have doubles of everything. Make sure you have things that invoke love and serenity and harmonization. Like blooms are really great, and open ocean. You never want a fighting panorama in the artwork in your bedroom. It means that you’re going to fight with your mate and nobody actually craves that. You just want it actually serene. Always have your artwork have really pretty pictures in their own homes, like roses and blooms or anything scenic. Then just recollect, crystals offset any bad energy when you have a bed near a window.

Those are some of the simple-minded factors when your feng shui-ing your bedroom ..

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Interior Design – for Todays Modern Family

The Garvey’s have gone for five days, we have been working on their assignment for eight months, and this is the week of the reveal. Please connect us to watch how the Garvey project in San Diego California comes to a conclusion and superb crescendo at the end. All the construction’s been done, the built in’s, the paint is on, but for five days the clients move out of their house and we come in as a team, wreaking this whole project to completion. You’re going to get to see not only the before portraits, but what is necessary to get to the end, and exactly how our purchasers respond to their brand new beautiful residence. Please connect us. Spouse: It was everything I expected and more. I’m not someone who yells often, but i cried when I attended the pictures of my dad put up in a way I could never have imagined. Partner: The warmness of it, the complexions and the kindness and to just feel like I am comfortable, and that others are comfortable coming here, and it’s nice to see our own personal suggestions, the find of it just detects right.

Rebecca: Oh you like that? Wife: It constructs it much simpler to just grab glasses or you know. Little Girlfriend: My favorite one is that one. Rebecca: Oh is it? Little Girl: Yeah, that’s my favorite scene. The Garvey’s required their own families friendly residence, with a modern construction on conventional style. Employing rich and sophisticated finishes fixtures and furniture, we updated it to be the residence they were longing for. This stodgy living room was seldom use. So I made a cozy conversational expanse, with four upholstered chairs, an eclectic start of surface tables, and a ten hoof towering bookcase. The perfect backdrop for liked and little supplementaries and layers. geometric patterned window medications changed the old-time conventional draperies, creating a first impression drama the chamber was bellowing for. This stodgy living room was seldom use. The china hutch was abandoned, and conventional board mould in a deep espresso finish was incorporated in one wall. This provided the perfect recognise for the commissioned decorate of our purchasers beautiful “girls “. Modern, classic dining room furniture residence beneath the incredible brand-new chandelier meridians this room off as a end recognise for parties and for entertaining, This once average staircase and hallway , now give a clean and updated transition between rooms.

. One concept this house did have was a large family room. huge in fact. At least for its prevailing entertainment center. Our purchasers dream of a flat screen video was in serious question. First tell of business, I extinguished the deep gap intended for the tube T.V ., and made a stone fireplace with a brawny mantle. I incorporated hand forged rod cast-iron pieces for the windows and added bookcases encompassing the entire width. Now, the plasma television, oversized sectional sofa and comfy chairs fill the opening appropriately. Contacts of bright colouring tie the room together with artwork, pillows, journals and supplementaries. It% u2019s tough to be excited about an outdated kitchen. Changing the finish on the cabinetry to deep espresso accompanied this kitchen up to today’s standards. With eight hoof towering maple cabinets in a ten hoof towering chamber, dark pieces of prowes ploy the eye into believing that the cabinets widen all of the way to the ceiling on the left. While tradition done cabinets on the right actually do. A brand-new pantry opening, tradition space medications, and a swanky brand-new pendant sunlight ceased over the island do the trick for this kitchen’s mini facelift. When our buyer needs to flee from their own families for occasional work at home, the chamber just off the living room proved to be the perfect spot.

A quiet retreat in subconscious, I closed in the opening between the two rooms with a tradition made arched space and beautifully crafted cast-iron places, which still allow sunlight to filter through. handsome wood paneling, textured grass wallpaper and a tradition done table, suiting his specific needs combined with some personal suggestions, this room is fit for today’s executive at home. One concept I’m sure of, our purchasers are enjoying the asset they constructed in their home. They now know what it means to Live. Your. Style ..

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