About Buying Antique Bedroom Furniture

So you’re looking for an antique bedroom set. And you’re not quite sure what to get. I’m Barry Kennedy and I’m here at Patsy and Pals Antique Mall. Plenty of people have a fallacy when they say I’m looking for antique furniture. They think they can get stuff that’s just mahogany, it has that antique glaze. You got  to make sure if you are looking for an antique piece of furniture, that you go in looking for something that is, well, over a hundred years old. That’s what an antique is, it has to be over a hundred years old. And if that’s the appearance that you’re looking for, that’s great. But you got to understand. The antique furniture from…, the antique furniture is well established but you got to make sure that if you want a king sized couch, you’re not moving to get a king sized couch when it is necessary to get antique furniture. You’re not even going to get a queen sized couch to match that bedroom set because they only established fullsize and twins back when they were putting together complete bedroom furniture.

So if you go into a home and think oh that’s a nice mahogany antique, don’t be surprised, it’s probably from the nineteen-twenties to the nineteen-forties, if it’s mahogany. Mahogany is a very popular bedroom look and so is oak. But if you’re still looking for that appearance, you might have to match it and piece it together because antique furniture or bedroom sets might have been split up. You know, a dresser might have gonee to one part of the family, a couch went to the other family, the wash stand might have went to another set of the family, so it’s going to be hard to go in and find one complete antique set of bedroom furniture if that’s what you’re looking for.

You might have to go to different stores and different antique sites and an antique mall is a good place to go because you have sixty or seventy different marketers that are dealing in antique parts, so you might be able to piece together an antique bedroom to be prepared by moving into each individual booth and stores and do that. But to find a complete set and they might say yes this is an antique given, but look at the dovetails and see if they’re machine established,’ cause it’s probably again from the twenties and forties. So have a good time looking for that bedroom set, make sure it’s the one that you want. I’m Blake Kennedy, thank you very much.

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