One Room, Five Different Window Treatments!

Welcome to an adventure in choosing window coverings. Today we are looking at a house that has five different window types. It will be fun showing how we choose the coverings. It did get busy today. We helped everybody, we got great the reviews and we’ll get more reviews on Yelp. Customer service is excellent and we’re very proud.
Welcome to another escapade, We’re here in Claremont today. And we have our gang with us, this beautiful home behind us here. Part of the plan is to coordinate with the colors used already, especially the colors in the bedding. They used subtle colors in the bamboo sheets and duvet, that we want to pick up. We plan on doing several windows and we’re going to have this house wholly altered today. So follow us in, we’re going to go ahead and get started. Steve: Good morning. Good morning sweetheart. How are you? Don’t worry about anything. We’ll take care of everything there is. So I’m in the living room now and my scheme is to dress up the whole living room, dining area neighborhood. There are five windows around us that we’re working with today.

The windows on my right are arch windows. I’m planning on keeping the archway appear and there’s a lot of sunbathe that comes through these windows, my scheme is to keep the heat out as well as the sunbathe and shield the furniture. My scheme is to just dress the place up and truly demonstrate it that wow appear. That’s my plan for this responsibility. This room has two or more windows all in a very confined neighborhood. So I chose to go ahead and do different designings for different windows, but all with the same fabrics.

This operates really well when you have a lot of windows and you don’t want to have the same blueprint over and over again. I have also preferred our Leo crystal holdbacks. These crystals are some of the finest crystals that we offer. It’s our light colorado topaz. And our client did not want too much crystal, but we wanted to add a little Wow into the area and so I recommended  these crystal holdbacks simply to be placed on the sides. Steve: The project turned out really really stunning. I can say that this is one of our better undertakings that we have done. As far as the color choices and the specifics. The area has been improved even having five different windows in the area, we were able to do five different designtreatments. And they all work together. I’m very pleased with the way the job turned out. For those of you who are interested in doing business with us, You’re welcome to visit our website or you can call us immediately. We’ll gladly come over to your place and do all the work for you. And don’t forget we dress windows , not just cover them up . bamboo sheets

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