Choosing Wall Paint Colors

How to Select Wall Paint Colors. Learn to blend an evocative imagination with good color appreciation to pick the best colors for your walls and feel good about your living quarters. You will need knowledge about the paint for each room and post it on a poster board.timber.

Step 1. Think about the service and demeanor of each of the rooms . If considering a  bedroom, think soft, cool colors. If for a kitchen, think social gatherings and cooking events and opt for bold, energetic colors. Natural light will emphasize  luminous, bright  colors, while fluorescent lighting will cause  colors to darken. Incandescent lighting will warm most colors. Step  2. Consider the room’s length. Darker colors make rooms and openings seem smaller, while lighter colors make them appear bigger. Step 3. Consider the room’s height. Where painting a ceiling grey will increase the height, making it appear   open and airy. A darker ceiling will bring the ceiling down, making the chamber experience cozier and smaller. Step 4. Experiment with the shade you want to use by covering a small area, an area between the rooms, or even a piece of cardboard- place the cardboard against a wall to see how it seems. Step 5. Use variants of the same shade throughout the various rooms to provide poise and contrast, exploiting primary and secondary colors or merging with grey to shade it.

Step 6. Use different color amounts, different shades to establish a varied selection of colors and shades, include mid-tones  with darker tints, and dark tints combined with pale colors. Did you know? Brain research confirms that color has a psychological affect on the brain, and is often a factor in the design of colleges and work  rooms. Use this to enhance your living quarters and make them interesting and fun to live in.

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